Sunday, May 06, 2007

Hi again! I am posting again. It hasn't been that long. I wanted to update everyone on what has been going on in our household. As you can see Alayna has quite a shiner. Her and her sister Alexa were playing next door and Alayna was hit in the face by Alexa with a wooden baseball bat. That happened yesterday. She was iced all day yesterday and this is still what it looks like today.

Alayna also had some good news this past week also. We received the results of her Ohio standardized testing in the mail and was amazed at her scores. We knew that she was smart but not realizing where she placed in comparison to other children her age. She scored 99 out of 100 in 3 areas and way above average across the board. She will most likely be added to the Horizon group next year. She will be eligible once she is in second grade to test for it and it is a group of gifted children and they give them extra work and challenge their minds even more. I am very excited for her she has such a thirst for knowledge and is always finding something else to strive for. We are extremely proud of her.

Alexa just finished with her proficiency's and won't know the results of them till after school lets out. She is going to be singing solo in a concert for the Perrysburg School of music the first week in June and is practicing for that. She is growing into a young woman too quickly for me did I not just give birth to her?

Alli is just being Alli which means that I am extremely busy keeping up with her and doing all of my other projects that I like to be involved in. I am working 3 days a week and working on my dolls on the off days. I have been really focusing also on nutrition for the family. We have been through a couple presentations and are very excited about changing our lifestyle. After seeing my mother go through hell with AML and realizing the fact that there are more and more cases of cancer and diseases that kill and the number growing drastically I want to do something to at least help battle this. If anyone is interested in finding out more contact me. I can get you some literature to help you understand this.

Well, we are all doing well and I thank the Lord everyday for our health and for helping my mom pull through the fight of her life and approaching Mothers day next week she is in never not in my mind. I LOVE YOU MOM!!!! I am soooo glad that you are here with me and here to enjoy my children.

Monday, March 26, 2007

I hope you are ready for a story
! We were expecting a new puppy on Wednesday. We were pretty excited about this. Little did we know about the weather in Chicago. Our puppy was coming to us from a breeder in Missouri. There were no direct flights into Toledo from Missouri so she was suppose to stop there. The weather was pretty bad at O'hare Airport so her flight was canceled for Wednesday due to Thunderstorms. The breeder had to go back to get her. It was a 2 1/2 hour trip each way. She told me the soonest we could get her would be Saturday and we had a very busy day scheduled for Sunday with my nephew Kade's 3rd birthday and Mike's dad's birthday that night, but we wanted our baby girl. Needless to say we were pretty bummed.

In the meantime, Friday night to be precise Alli decided to make it an opportune time to have a injury. She pulled the baby gate down on her head and split it open pretty good. We tried to use a butterfly bandage but knew it wasn't going to hold and keep infection out so Mike stayed home and I took her to St Luke ER. She got 2 staples. She was a trooper. She talked to the doctor and me while he put the needle to numb it right into the wound and she didn't flinch even a smidge. While we were waiting to be released she yelled across to the boy that broke his arm across the hall and from listening to their conversation she knew everything about him. She yelled hey Zac are you ok. You arm hurt? She wanted me to walk her over there. We got back at about 11:00. We were ready for bed.

Saturday morning I was so excited our little puppy would be here by 6:15pm. She was going to arrive through Chicago again to Toledo. I went to work came home and checked the flights and realized already there was a change of plans. There was a delay on the first flight to Chicago so it will make her late for the second flight so they changed the flight and now she will be landing in Detroit at 7:30. So we would still be leaving about the time we would have before because it is about an hour drive. An hour before that flight was to take off it was cancelled. The breeder told me if she wasn't on that flight they would move her to the following flight coming into Detroit at 8:40, but she told me just check the tracking on American Air Cargo. At that point there was no tracking. They didn't update the system probably because of all the switching and delays and everything well I thought for sure that they had lost her. The airline wasn't even comforting. The lady had me on hold for so long and kept coming back and saying they are looking for her and it didn't appear that she was on the list of the cargo for that plane but there were two more flights for the evening and she would probably be on one of them. There was a delay on the 8:40 flight and now it was estimated that it wouldn't be in til 9:50 bumping the next flight to 12:15 arrival. So not knowing for sure we headed to the airport an hour before the 9:50 arrival once I knew that it left the ground in Chicago. I was so worried for my baby at this time. I was like PLEASE somebody better be taking care of her. Nervously we marched to the lower level of Smyth terminal to baggage claim for America Air, I was following Mike with the older girls he was carrying Alli. Mike was showing the other girls and I the way since he flies out of there all the time. We got to the counter as the plane was unloading it's passengers, the lady in the office at baggage claims said that she is the one to deliver live cargo and if she was on that flight she will be back with her. She went through the door and came out VERY quickly with a little cage. It had my name on it I was in tears and the girls were soooo excited. I had to take the cage apart to get this little frightened baby girl out. She was in there for a while so she was wet she didn't poop in there or if she did they cleaned that up. When I finally saw her face she was the most precious puppy that I have ever seen, besides Dezzie and Dixon of coarse. I had to show proof of id and sign a few papers and she was mine. Mike wrapped her in a blanket and carried her out. Everyone was eyeballing her. We were asked what breed is she, she is sooo sweet. We piled into the van. I sat by Alli and the two older girls sat in the way back and held FERGIE! I finally got her so Alli could see her. I was inspecting her and the more I looked at her I thought she must have changed a lot from her pictures. Her ears seemed bigger and her nose wasn't as smooshed in. Her wrinkles were perfect her temperment impeccable, but maybe that was because she was so frightened. I saw she had a id band on her neck and the breeders name was on it and the new owners name. Only the name was Rebecca from New York. The puppies were switched in the cargo area of the plane is all I can imagine. My dog's breeder had more than one pup to deliver and these two shared the same plane as far as Chicago. I at this point was already in love with this little girl. I called the breeder when we got home and she was so upset apologizing up and down. I explained to her that I love this little one and she is soo sweet I wasn't upset at all that this happened thank goodness she had every quality that I wanted. She did everything to make it right for the other person. They were looking for some money back but still wanted to keep the puppy. At this point that would be the much cheaper route for the breeder and would make me happy. I wasn't about to put this poor baby back on a plane. This little girl will end up a little bigger than my original pup but only by like 5 lbs. Now she is eating well and still the perfect puppy. She is pottying on potty pads and hasn't had one accident. I might start doing the outside thing here soon. She doesn't like being alone. We are crate training her and might take awhile to keep her from whining slightly at night. Check out my pictures of the pup and I included the picture of Alli's head before the put the staples in.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Our Christmas Pictures

Friday, January 12, 2007

Merry Christmas From Our Home to Yours

Hi everyone! It has been a long time since I have written I hope you all have had a wonderful Holiday. We did and now trying to get everything back to normal and it hasn't been that difficult believe it or not. My Alli just turned 3 today and yesterday she decided to act quite the terrible 3! It is so strange how that works. I do believe that to be true. Each one of my girls had a problem with 3. Alli is taking the icing on the cake though. I was getting ready to pick the girls from school and Alexa had to go to singing lessons so I had to have everything ready because we were going to head to Sandusky after Lessons. I needed a babysitter because the girls don't have school on Friday which is actually today. I was on the phone with Mike telling him the game plan and Alli comes out to me with something that looked like Vaseline all over her hands. I smelled it and it smelled just like one of the candles that I had gotten for Christmas, the one that I had been burning all day. I had it sitting in the window sill that is in my kitchen that looks over our family room. I went out into the kitchen and it was covering the sill. For a moment I thought ok that is fine I can deal with this, but then I thought, if she got it allover up there what does the family room look like. I was afraid to look. I walked around the corner of the kitchen into the family room and it was horrifying. I am pretty calm and cool with quite a bit but I was in shock. She had climbed onto the back of the couch to get the candle down and she blew the candle out like I know she likes to do and then went on to dump the wax all over our micro suede couch, and then thought oh I better clean this up so she started smearing it everywhere. You can see her little fingerprints all over the couch. This wax never sets up though it stays greasy pretty weird. So needless to say I had to pack the kids up and take them to Sandusky and Mike cleaned it up as best as he could. I am not sure if the grease spots are going to come out though. It gives a new meaning to that poem little fingerprints on the wall. She had a time out in her room with a wack on her behind. I don't think she learned though. I am certain if the opportunity happens again she will take it.
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Alayna and Bailey

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Pretending to LOVE each other

Friday, September 01, 2006

It has been a crazy week for us here in Toledo Ohio. My girls started there first week of school and it hasn't been a smooth transition. Nothing ever goes smoothly here so I wasn't expecting anything different. I have had my busiest week ever at work and so Alli has had to be at the babysitters more than usual without her sisters so it didn't go so well for her. She has been extra snuggly with me when I am home and the girls have been whiny trying to get them ready in the morning. They have been going to bed well just not waking up well. I am adjusting as well to be expected to the earlier wakeup times but it will take a little getting use to for all of us here.

My mom is doing well and is out of the clinic. She was sitting in her recliner last night at her home. She hasn't been home since the beginning of July and she was happy. I just pray to God that she doesn't have to go back any time soon. She dreads going back in and I can't blame here. She had some set backs this last time and we just hope they are all worked out and she is in the home stretch now! Now she just needs to build that strength up. We are going up to see her on Sunday and we can't wait.

Monday, August 28, 2006

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Today was a great day! I got to see my mom and she was feeling great! She might even be able to get out of the clinic tomorrow. This is great news being that I was just up to see her this past Friday and she was told that it would be two weeks before that would happen. She is accepting the bone marrow just fine but she is having some reaction to the anti rejection drugs and she had a slight fungal infection. She is looking good now though and is ready to get out of there. She was so happy to see the girls. I walked her down the hall to where the girls were waiting for her and she was tearing up the whole way down to them. She told me she couldn't wait to see their faces. She also told me that she never wants to feel that way again. These past couple weeks for her have been extremely frightening. Between her hallucinations and her fluid around her heart she wasn't sure she would ever see the day of getting out of there. She told me straight out that she thought she was going the night she couldn't breathe. I am so glad that she had those boxing gloves on. She is here and not going to let anything get in her way!
We also got to see my newest niece Liv Ellen ! I have included pictures of her also. We went over to have dinner with them before heading back to Toledo. Then we came home because the girls start school tomorrow.
Thankyou God for giving my mom the strength to beat this and giving me the faith that she will beat this. Through you anything is possible!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Jesus take the wheel

What a hambone! Alexa has trained her well. Alexa actually took this video of her on the way home from Sandusky on Sunday. She gets mad at her at one point in the video for singing with her and she tells Alexa to Shut up.
The girls had a blast at the Erie county fair on Saturday night! Alexa wants to help out next year.

They Loved Hermes's Cows!
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We went to the Toby Keith Concert on Friday night and it was INCREDIBLE! I love Toby! He played at Blossom Music Center.

We stayed over night then went to see my mom at the Clinic before we headed back to Sandusky to pick the kids up.
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Fun at the Toby concert!

I was a little shaky but I had a few beers!!! He was awesome. His Patriotic songs were really cool too!
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